Crush the Roach Problem in Your Home

Crush the Roach Problem in Your Home

Call a roach exterminator in Cedar Park & Leander, TX today

Cockroaches are known to infest homes, restaurants and businesses. If you believe you have a roach problem, contact A-Fact Pest & Termite Control today. Our team of pest control technicians in Cedar Park, TX will perform a thorough extermination inspection at your home or business to make sure you and your home or office are safe.

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3 things you need to know about cockroaches

A-Fact Pest & Termite Control is a leading roach exterminating company in Cedar Park, TX. You can trust us to remove any cockroaches that might be infesting your home or office. In addition to our extermination services, we'll speak with you about roach prevention. Some things we'll discuss include:

  • Explaining how to tell if you're home has a cockroach problem.
  • Showing you where on your property you should check for cockroaches.
  • Informing you of the seasons cockroaches thrive in.

To speak with a reliable roach exterminator in Cedar Park, Texas, call A-Fact Pest & Termite Control today at 512-698-3020.