Find a Reliable Ant Exterminator in Cedar Park & Leander, TX

Hire A-Fact Pest & Termite Control to stop ants in their tracks

When the ants come marching one by one into your Cedar Park home, call A-Fact Pest & Termite Control to get rid of them - we handle fire and carpenter ant exterminations. Although fire ants typically live outside your home, they can enter it if we're experiencing a drought or heavy rainfall. These ants are dangerous because they can:

  • Damage your wood siding and furniture
  • Bite your children while they're playing in the yard
  • Surprise you in the tub or shower where they sometimes nest

If ants have invaded your home, we'll continue to treat the inside and the perimeter until your home is bug-free. For outdoor work, we'll use either an instant or granular treatment depending on the size of the infestation. We can also apply the instant treatment before the granular for immediate, long-lasting results.

Call 512-698-3020 to bid those pesky pests farewell in Cedar Park, TX.

Does your home have wood damage?

You may be at risk for carpenter ants. Contact A-Fact Pest & Termite Control to inspect your property. We'll uncover all their hiding places before scheduling a time to terminate them. Since these critters are mostly found in attics, shrubbery, wooden fences and foliage, we'll check these areas first.

Our ant exterminations start at $125, but we'll give you a free estimate when you contact us. You can also request one-time treatment or quarterly maintenance service.

Hire us to make short work of your ant problem in Cedar Park, TX.